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Silver membership is a minimum investment plan, which is created to encourage people with small financial strength, students and first time investors .  Capital Leaders Funds has through its Silver Membership helped thousands across the globe overcome frequent financial breaks giving absolute return on all Silver Member investments.


You can hold a Silver Membership with an initial investment capital of $500.00 USD to $4,000.00 USD to attract an absolute return of 10x investment capital in just 14 days.




Capital Leaders Funds also have a well designed Membership to suite small scale corporate organizations and individuals with good financial strength, invest with a minimum of $5,000.00 USD to $9,000.00 USD in the gold membership investors get 12x gain on their investment within a specified period of time. Also the Gold Membership is entitled to financial advice and many more with excellent backroom support 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. This type of membership also comes with various promotion packages which vary from time-to-time.




VIP Membership is greatly targeted at financial able corporations, companies and organization to make investment with strong confidence and comfort and make more than what any other investment scheme can provide globally.


At Capital Leaders Funds, all investors who fall into this category stand to make up to 15x the investment capital within a Period of 14 days. Backed with great prospects and no risk involved, Capital Leaders Funds disbursed VIP investment funds into various investment sectors worldwide for efficient fund management and also assured insurance making it even more profitable.


Weekly investment reports and strategies are communicated to VIP Members as well as other great free packages from Capital Investment Holding . VIP members is provided with a Bank Account with our affiliate banks globally there by allowing such investment membership enjoys additional interest on their investments. VIP Investments has a minimum investment capital of $10,000.00 USD and above. Returns on this investment are due for collection via bank transfer within 48hrs prior to the end investment period stated by investors or preferably.

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