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1. Real Estate


2. Oil and gas


3. Forex trading.




Investing in real estate is the process of buying houses or land in order to make a profit. Profits are typically made via rental income and capital gain upon selling the properties. Real estate is very expensive which potentially allows investors to make more profit on each sale. Also, some investors argue that real estate is more stable and a lower risk investment as it is seen as a ‘hard’ asset which is less susceptible to currency fluctuations. Real estate investment can be attractive if viewed as a business opportunity; it can generate rental income,returns on investment or simply from the profits gained from its resale. Notable, in this context is the gains reaped by real estate speculators who trade in real estate futures (by buying and selling purchase options.). Real estate is very expensive which potentially allows investors to make more profit on each sale. Also, some investors argue that real estate is more stable and a lower risk investment as it is seen as a ‘hard’ asset which is less susceptible to currency fluctuations. Real Estate Investment as become increasingly more popular as a long term /short term investment than stocks and shares. There has never been a better time to invest into real estate, its always a very good investment venture. Real Estate Investment has been the premier provider of investment real estate brokerage services. The foundation of  investment sales is the depth of our local market knowledge. Our 38-year history of maintaining investor relationships in local markets enables us to be the best information source and transaction service provider nationally.


In 2010, Capital Leaders Funds closed nearly 40,000 investment transactions for private and institutional investors. By closing more transactions annually than any other firm, our investment professionals are able to provide clients with an unparalleled perspective on the investment real estate market locally, regionally and nationally. Included in these transactions were shopping centers, office and industrial buildings, apartment properties, single-tenant net-lease properties, hotels/motels, senior housing facilities, manufactured home communities, self-storage and land.


Capital Leaders Funds has established itself as a leading and expanding investment real estate company with more than 1,300 brokers in markets throughout the United States. With our past experience we have the capability of investing your funds into the real estate to earn you returns.




Oil and gas investments, although risky, have the potential for big payoffs. Cash flow from a successful well can last more than a decade, and investors can write off nearly the entire investment. Lucrative returns and tax incentives have long attracted investors to oil and gas.   Returns can range anywhere from nothing at all (or even a loss) up though very attractive returns on investment.“Based on today’s prices, and with the right project, it is not unreasonable to see anywhere from a 5 to 1 or 10 to 1 return on your investment.  Oil and gas investments are generally at the riskier end of the spectrum, but with Capital Leaders Funds you can limit the degree of risk by investing with us the help of our trained and experience Oil and gas Investment personnel.


One of the most attractive benefits of oil and gas investing is “the ongoing cash stream,” according to Mitch Reifel, who accepted oil investments in lieu of payment during the time he spent working in the oil industry.  After 12 years, Reifel still receives monthly “oil checks” from those investments.    Normally when a well starts to produce and gas or oil is sold, you should see monthly revenue checks within 15 to 30 days.We have grown our  production and reserves through 3-D driven exploration and development drilling programs. From our inception through December 31, 2008 we participated in the drilling of 723 (356 net) wells with a success rate of 72% in our onshore Gulf Coast area and 100% in the Barnett Shale. 


We have acquired over 12,763 square miles of 3-D seismic data that our experienced technical and managerial staff uses to refine our geologic models and to choose drilling locations. Even after the discovery of new reserves our seismic processing and interpretation skills are required to design the most efficient and low risk plan for future development. Our technical and operations teams average over 20 years of industry experience which is put to use in building our drilling inventory and developing our properties in a low risk manner.




79% of our investment goes into the Forex trading as its the current best income generator around the world in the recent time . 


Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the simultaneous exchange of one country's currency for another. Currency speculations are based on the fluctuations of international exchange rates. The Forex market is the world's largest market, with a reported daily turnover of US $3000 billion.The essential difference of Forex market from  all other markets is that it doesn't have some fixed trading place. Forex is a great network of foreign exchange dealers dispersed over all major financial institutions across the globe. The Forex market is open 24-hours a day and works as a single mechanism, connected by means of telecommunications. Foreign exchange trading is performed by phone or through computer terminals - transactions are being carried out simultaneously in hundreds of banks all over the world. Today electronic brokers account for about 10% of Forex market turnover.One of the main aspects of trader's work is his psychological stability. All trading manuals pay a lot of attention to this issue.


Trading is both an attraction and generation of profit but only in case if you do everything right and gradually. Trading is a business, a great business, but is nothing more than business. Trading must be regarded namely as business.You don't have to be a genius or to have special numerical abilities in trading. Trading is not a science, art or religion. It is only a discipline, conscious orientation to do the same thing again and again. There is no other business in the world, which would be similar to trading. At the present time this business gives everyone the best possibilities over its history of existence.


Forex Investments requires high investment and short period of time to make it profitable.


Forex Trading business is quick, efficient and flexible as on an average, Bank and all financial Houses all Invest into the forex trading Business because of its high returns and also depends on the traders,  At Capital Leaders Funds we have about 920  professional Forex traders who has been into it for the past 19 years, with this Our funds are safe investing into the forex trading.


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